Doctor Profile

Dr. Alireza Taabbodi

Speciality:Specialist Orthopedic Surgery


About me

Orthopaedic specialist, fellowship of hand surgery, member of faculty of medicine in Alborz medical university science and consultant of upper extremity surgeon in Madani hospital trauma centre in IRAN.

Having more than 10 years’ experience  performing more than 5000 orthopaedic  surgeries, I am be able to perform various surgical procedures to repair, salvage, or replace joints, tendon and nerve repair, knee and shoulder arthroscopy, managing complex fractures and many others orthopaedic problems, in order to improve musculoskeletal health of patients.

Special Interest:

  • Hand, elbow and shoulder complex surgery
  • Shoulder and knee arthroscopy
  • Joint replacement
  • Nerve, tendon repair
  • Managing congenital hand anomalies
  • Tendon transfer
  • Fracture management

Past Experience:

  • Assistant Professor of Orthopaedic Hand Surgery. Department of Orthopaedics, Madani Hospital, Alborz University of Medical Sciences.
  • Performing hand, elbow and shoulder complex trauma surgery
  • Participating as a consultant for complex upper extremity disorders in Orthopaedic team
  • Performing successful release for hand dupuytren contractures
  • Doing local flap for soft tissue coverage such as: posterior interosseous and radial artery flap, reverse sural flap, latissimus dorsi, soleus and gastrocnemius flap.
  • Repairing flexor and extensor in different zone of injury
  • Nerve repair and graft
  • Median and ulnar nerve decompression and ulnar nerve transposition
  • Managing elbow stiffness by releasing and applying hinged external fixator
  • MCP arthroplasty
  • Tendon transfer
  • Nerve transfer for adult brachial plexus injury
  • Shoulder hemiarthroplasty, shoulder arthroscopic surgery in Bankart, SLAP and rotator cuff repair

Awards and honors

  • Ranked 4th in Iran national orthopaedic board certification exam Sep 2010
  • Ranked 1st in resident entrance exam in shiraz medical university Feb 2006
  • Ranked 3d in pre-internship exam shiraz medical school Sep 2003
  • Chief resident of orthopaedic faculty in shiraz medical university May 2009
  • Distinguished as distinct assistant fellowship in orthopaedic department of Imam Hospital July 2019


  • DHA and MOH licence specialist UAE
  • Member of Medical Council of Iran
  • Member of Orthopaedic Association of Iran
  • Member of Iran hand surgery assembly