Doctor Profile

Dr. Elham Golbidi

Speciality:Specialist Pediatrics


About me

Dr. Elham Golbidi graduated from Tehran University in 2008, working as a pediatrician with 15 years’ experience in the best public and private hospital, clinic and health care centers. She has granted board-certificate in Pediatrician from Tehran University of Iran and valid medical license (DHA). She has teaching experience, medical plans including GI tract disease, Endocrine and Neonatal. She’s providing regular examination and treatment for children with acute or chronic health issues, and helps mothers with breast feeding after delivery. She does circumcision with ring and ear piercing.

Special Interest:

Management and treatment of neonates and one month to 16 year-old children, Problems such as infection, allergy, heart disease, GI problem, endocrine and metabolic disease, rheumatologic problems.


  • Prevention, diagnostics and treatment of chronic and acute illnesses.
  • Well-Baby visits.
  • Growth monitoring
  • Development and behavioral assessment.
  • Nutritional assessment and management of nutritional deficiencies.
  • Childhood Obesity Management and diet counseling.
  • Management of childhood allergy and asthma, infectious Disease prevention and management.
  • Immunization/Vaccination