Doctor Profile

Dr. Farzad Ravari

Speciality:Specialist Orthopedic Surgeon



About me

Dr. Farzad Ravari has accumulated 19 years of successful experience in Orthopedic Surgery. He specializes in sport injuries and carries professional skill in Knee Arthroscopy. For Muscle and Ligament Surgery, Joint Replacement of Hip and Knee joints and management of Trauma with Minimal invasive method of technology. He also performs PRP treatments for chronic Tendonitis and Ligament injuries.

Special Interest:

  • Sport Injuries, Trauma (Fracture and dislocation)
  • Arthroscopic surgery of knee for ligaments and meniscus
  • Joint replacement of hip and knee joints.
  • Gout disorder.
  • Osteoporosis
  • PRP injection for chronic Tendonitis and ligaments injuries.

Past Experience: Where all you have worked and at what capacity

  • Arya Clinic Dubai (Specialist Orthopedic Surgeon)
  • Cedars Jabel Ali International Hospital (Specialist Orthopedic Surgery)

Memberships:  All national and international Memberships and Fellowships:

  • Dubai Health Authority (DHA) Dubai, UAE since 2009
  • Membership of Emirates Medical Association since 2012
  • Membership of Ao- Trauma since 2011
  • Membership of Iranian Medical Council (IRIMC) since 1991