Doctor Profile

Dr. Zahra Poorebrahim

Speciality:Specialist Psychiatrist



About me

Dr. Zahra Poorebrahim is a renowned, board certified Psychiatrist with 24 years of experience training with a culturally diverse population. She comfortably works and Individuals with depression, anxiety, obsessive and other more several mental illnesses. She also has Excellent track record in child psychiatry. She has always been a good communicator and has been able to engage with patients achieving high levels of patient centered consultations.

Special Interest:

  • Marital Counseling.
  • Parental Training.
  • Child Psychiatry.
  • Geriatric Therapy.
  • Depression & anxiety disorder.

Past Experience:

  • Kashan University of Medical Science and Health services as an associated professor in Psychiatry during my leadership in University I used to train the medical students in teaching Akharan Psychiatry Hospital and a specialists Psychiatrist in private clinic.
  • Iranian Hospital Dubai as an associated Professor & Head of the Psychiatry Department.
  • Medical Specialists Centre as a Specialist Psychiatrist